• Our mission is to promote and protect San Carlos Airport and its flight operations, and to enhance the safety and spirit of general aviation through participation in local community activities.


  • The San Carlos Airport Association (SCAA) has represented pilots and friends of the Airport since our founding in 1986.

Noise Abatement Procedures

  • San Carlos Airport is surrounded by noise sensitive neighborhoods. All pilots are encouraged to follow the noise abatement procedures

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Agreement with Surf Air and 5/18 Meeting

The San Carlos Airport Association is very pleased to announce that a tentative agreement has been reached among San Mateo County, Surf Air (flights now being operated by Encompass Aviation, LLC), and the San Carlos Airport Association that will redirect Surf Air flights conducted in VFR conditions away from noise sensitive areas. As a result, the proposed curfew ordinance will be withdrawn from consideration.

The agreement and the process by which it was reached are described in a Joint Statement (linked here) by the San Carlos Airport Association and Encompass Aviation, LLC.

We believe this will eliminate most of the overflights that annoyed some residents and that are the subject of the meeting on Thursday May 18th at 6PM at the FATCO (formerly First America Title Company) Building, 555 Marshall St, Redwood City.

Nevertheless, we want all friends of the Airport to attend this meeting in support of the agreement. Please make your presence known to Carol Ford or Hans Plesman who will be near the entrance as you arrive.

These negotiations have stretched on for over two years and were going nowhere until new management at Surf Air finally got serious about fixing the problem they created. A breakthrough occurred in the last week after SCAA arranged and participated in meetings between County officials and Surf Air that led to the agreement.

Rich Newman, SCAA Director and former Chair of the San Francisco Airport/Community Rountable and Carol Ford, SCAA President and AOPA Airport Support Network representative, are responsible for making this happen. The entire airport community owes them a huge debt of gratitude because without their efforts, the curfew ordinance would have been enacted.

Credit must also be given to Mr. Charlie Caviris, the new Chief Pilot for Encompass, whose attitude and dedication to resolving this issue was the catalyst to a resolution. This is an entirely new approach to operations and community relations. Ms. Elaine Jumes, who managed public relations for Surf Air (and now for Encompass) was instrumental in this process and has been helpful to us all along.

This is a tremendous relief for us but we still need to strictly follow the Voluntary Noise Abatement Procedures and not fly left traffic or make right 270 departures off 30. These techniques have provided over 20 years of peaceful coexistence with our neighbors and we want that to continue.

Thank you for your continued support of the San Carlos Airport Association. If you haven’t renewed your membership for 2017, please do so at our membership signup form. We need you now more than ever.