Camera Views San Carlos and Half Moon Bay Airports

San Carlos Airport Camera 1
(SQL Approach End RWY 12) Sorry, camera temporarily off-line

San Carlos Airport Camera 2
(SQL Approach End RWY 30) Sorry, camera temporarily off-line

Half Moon Bay Airport
(HAF Near Approach End RWY 30)
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HAF Near Approach End RWY 30

Panorama of Half Moon Bay Airport
from approach end of RWY 30 on left
to approach end of RWY 12 on the right
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San Carlos Airport Association panorama image

Sunrise and sunset times for 22-Oct-2017
  Local (UTC-7)    Zulu (UTC)
Morning civil twilight 06:58 13:58
Sunrise 07:25 14:25
Sunset 18:22 01:22
Evening civil twilight 18:49 01:49

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