The following image from the San Francisco Sectional Aeronautical Chart from sometime in the 1950’s shows the locations of the San Carlos, San Mateo, Belmont, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Moffett, Hayward Army, Oakland, Alameda, Half Moon Bay, and San Francisco airports.



Bay area airports in the 1950's



The following image shows the airport near the previous site of the Bay Meadows racetrack. It could be the San Mateo Airport referred to on the above Sectional. If you have any information about that, please contact webmaster at


airport near Bay Meadows



The following image shows the Redwood City Airport from sometime in the 1920’s or so. That’s Chestnut Street on the lower left. According to the following newspaper articles, the airfield and hangars were located near the intersection of Chestnut St. and Veterans Blvd. on the site of today’s Redwood City Corporation Yard.

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"Redwood City, CA Airport"










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