A SCAPA member reports that Dan’s simulator is still in operation (Dec. 2010) and provides a great workout on crosswind landings. The following article was originally published in 2008.
Last year, I spoke with some of you regarding my intent to purchase a flight simulator focused on crosswind training. It’s here! After some false starts finding a location, the simulator has finally been installed in its new permanent location in San Carlos, very near San Carlos airport.

I’ve been using the simulator for a few months now, and it’s very useful for pulling apart the dynamics that happen during a crosswind approach and landing. For private pilots, it’s a great way to improve your skill and competence with crosswinds.

Initially, I’ve been using the simulator to train students and pilots at West Valley Flying Club, but the training really is of value to the whole general aviation community. Although San Carlos pilots get practice with crosswinds almost every day, some may find a focused session on the simulator beneficial.

Training sessions cost $200 and last approximately 2 hours. The training includes a review of crosswind concepts, simulator orientation, flight control calibration exercises, crab technique, sideslip technique, forward slip technique, crab to slip on final approach, approach in varying wind conditions (including gusts, wind shear, and turbulence), crosswind touchdown and landing roll, sideslip rotation and lift-off, and slip to crab for climb out.

Most pilots will find that their skills and confidence improve after just one session, although some may find a refresher a good idea every few years.

More info at www.dkdyer.com

Dan Dyer, CFI
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