San Carlos Airport has a multi-year waiting list for hangar rentals. For those folks waiting for hangars, there are several other airports in the Bay area that have space available. We provide the following information as a service to anyone waiting for a place to store their aircraft at San Carlos. If you have any updates for this list, please send email to


Hayward Hangars, LLC owns and operates an airplane hangar project at HWD. Building B houses 18 42′ (wide) x 34′ (deep) box hangar units. Construction of Building A will start this summer. It will have four 50′ x 50′, four 50′ (wide) x 40′ (deep), two 44′ (wide) x 50′ (deep), and two 44′ (wide) x 40′ (deep) box hangar units. Their website ( includes photographs, a site map, and other information. All units have or will have electric bi-fold (Building B) or single-piece hydraulic (Building A) doors, three-phase power, and fire sprinkler protection. The project has ample private parking and two lavatories for the exclusive use of tenants.

Contact information:

Jim Altschul
Hayward Hangars, LLC
(888) 617-0300