Pilots who are based at or fly into San Carlos Airport: Runways 30 and 12 will be closed, 24/7, for 30 days beginning on September 11, 2023 and ending on about October 11, 2023. Following this first phase of work, there may be nighttime closures as necessary to complete the runway and taxiway work.

These closures are necessary to accomplish major rehabilitation of the runway and the adjacent connector taxiways.

It is our understanding that the airport will be closed to all ground operations during the initial 30-day closure, including takeoffs and landings of all aircraft (including rotorcraft.) Pedestrian access to based aircraft may or may not be available depending on the location and the contractor’s staging of equipment and materials.

SQL aircraft tenants will be offered the opportunity to tie down at Half Moon Bay airport during the 24/7 construction (and perhaps during the nighttime construction period if desired.) Full details on this are available from the airport office, and all airport tenants should have been notified.

For more information, please contact the airport office.

Scope of work for the upcoming runway and taxiway rehabilitation project