Carl Turner was a CFI hired in 1968 by Bob Lane at West Bay Aviation at San Carlos Airport.

Carl is trying to contact Doug Bergwall, Glen Simmons, OJ Gude, Joe Eke, Neil Mahall and any other CFI’s from around that time. Gladys was the scheduler and receptionist.

Carl writes “I went away to college in 1969 and graduated with a BS in Math in 1971 and came back to work there. I moved away in 1974 and lost contact with the crew. I understood Bob passed away in the mid ’70’s but I never knew from what nor when it happened. I would appreciate it if you could fill me in on that. I just turned 70 last week, and I was a kid of 24 when I went to work for Bob. I loved that man–he was one of the kindest and most proficient pilots I ever had the fortune to know.”

If you happen to know any of the folks Carl mentions, he’d appreciate hearing from you. He can be contacted at [email protected]

Some photos from that era: