from our friends at the Hiller Aviation Museum

Biggest Little Air Show
Saturday May 7

Join the festivities as the Biggest Little Air Show matches a thrilling aerobatic performance by airshow pilot Vicky Benzing and her full-sized 1940 Boeing Stearman along with demonstrations of exceptional radio controlled models.

San Carlos Airport will close to regular traffic from 10:30 am to noon to allow realistic jet- and propeller-powered model aircraft to roll down the runway and into the sky to take their part in a unique aerial extravaganza including aerobatic helicopters, drones, quadrotors and more!!

    The airport runway will be completely closed during Saturday, May 7, from 10:30 a.m. until 12:05 p.m.

We hope this brief closure will not be inconvenient and we want to make sure you have adequate advance notice.

Also, in compliance with FAA regulations, it is required that all hangars and tie-downs on the east side of the field be sterile of people during this mini-air air show. Effectively, this means that the Transient parking area and the hangars south of the airport Terminal Building (Hangars Charlie through Gulf), must be free of people between 10:30 am – 12:05 pm, for about 90-minutes. This is to ensure safety during the planned aerobatic Stearman and RC aircraft demonstrations.

We want to express how highly appreciative we are of your accommodation of this brief runway closure and “sterile” hangar zone. Without your cooperation, and the assistance and cooperation of San Carlos Airport, this wonderful aviation event which will capture the imaginations and interest of about 2,000 of our neighbors, especially kids, would not be possible.