Urgent Message to All Members and Pilots Using San Carlos Airport

Do not fly left traffic for 30 or make overhead departures to the south and west of 101. Follow the established Bay Meadows, Woodside and Belmont Slough voluntary noise abatement procedures! http://sancarlosairport.org/files/noise-abatement-procedure

Over the past few months, the Airport has begun receiving noise complaints from our neighbors in San Carlos and Belmont who have not complained for 25 years. Last Thursday, SCAPA confirmed that the tower now instructs some aircraft to use left traffic and issues other instructions that have aircraft flying at lower altitudes over San Carlos and Belmont. This was done without informing Airport management or consulting with SCAPA. These changes essentially negate the long-standing voluntary noise abatement procedures that have been responsible for our peaceful coexistence with our neighbors.

The timing could not be worse. With an onslaught of complaints about Surf Air, the County supervisors and even our Congressional representatives are paying close attention to the airport. Studies—paid for in part by our Airport Enterprise Fund—are currently underway about how the County might restrict operations.

San Carlos airport has functioned without a left-hand traffic pattern for its entire existence (since 1952). Changing this successful practice now threatens to create a whole new constituency who are hostile to the airport. Please do your part to ensure that this does not happen.

Say “No” to left traffic and overhead departures.

Thank you.