Please enjoy another photo from our friend Steve Bell who is now living in Florida. This one shows Steve and his mom (visiting from Southern CA) at West Bay Aviation (c. 1966) that was on the West side of the field near the present location of the Hiller Museum.

You can see the Piombo Construction Company shed in the background to the right of the trailer and above the cars that was on the site of today’s Samtrans South Base Maintenance and Operations Facility.  A more complete description of Piombo is here.

Over the past few years Steve has sent us many interesting photos of San Carlos Airport and the local area in the mid 1960s, including this recent set of high resolution images. Steve would like to hear from old friends in the SQL community. He can be reached at s8b at earthlink dot net.

If you have any photos of San Carlos Airport that you’d like to contribute to our collection, please send them to [email protected].